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NYT subscribers come to Flipboard
By Dave Winer on Monday, June 25, 2012 at 1:31 AM.
Quick comments on the deal that was announce around midnight Monday. permalink
This is a good move because the NYT mobile app is slow and buggy, and not much fun to use. If it were elegant and fun, it might give people a reason to become a subscriber.  permalink
A picture named loveRss.jpgHowever, the Times seems to be thinking about their installed base, not expanding the base, because the prices remain unchanged. What the Times charges, which is not clear to a non-user (I've thought of becoming a subscriber) probably won't go over very well with the non-subscribing iPhone or iPad user.  permalink
I'm glad they did it because Flipboard is not Twitter. I'm afraid of Twitter running away with the news-system-of-the-future before a competitive market has a chance to form. So things are moving faster, I guess we'll hear something from Twitter before too long. Could they have done a deal with the Times too?  permalink
Remember when Mike McCue, Flipboard founder and lead guy left Twitter's board? (Actually this was just a rumor. My mistake.) permalink
Wonder if Apple gets part of the revenue? permalink
One more thing. Flipboard owes its existence to RSS. Would be appreciated if they put some back, or at least told people that. It would help create more opportunities, and hey it's just fair. Business doesn't always have to scoop up every scrap of credit for their accomplishments. permalink
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