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Google Glasses on the street in NYC
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 6:35 PM.
Today in NYC people are texting as they walk into you on the street. Talking into the air, paying attention to nothing but what's going on on their screen.  permalink
Sometimes you see a parent walking with a child in the park, the parent talking into the phone and the child looking into the eyes of any available adult as if to ask "Can you believe this asshole?" Maybe I'm projecting. But the kids don't look happy. That's for sure. I wonder what kind of therapy these kids are going to need when they grow up. Used to be when a parent took a kid for a walk, the kid could ask the parent questions, or tell him or her stories about what they did in school. These days quality time is spent with a hand-held device and a parent whose mind is anywhere but here.  permalink
So now you're going to have Google Glasses do you think the hand-held device goes away? I wonder about that. Maybe you'll multi-task! Check something on Google search while texting to someone on the Android device. There might not even be a reason to be anywhere at all.  permalink
Maybe it'll all work out. Probably will. permalink
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