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Do you think government is bad?
By Dave Winer on Thursday, July 12, 2012 at 7:39 AM.
I'm fed up with idiots who say that government is bad. You are all users of government. All beneficiaries of the rest of our generosity.  permalink
A picture named bozo.gifGovernment is all of us. When a city like New Orleans drowns, we have a few choices, none of them good. You may not like it, but too bad, that's the way life is. People shouldn't have lived there, you say. Nice. People shouldn't live where you live either. And yet, if your world is overturned, we'll help you, if we can. permalink
Not just because we care, and people mostly do care about others, but also because if we let a city collapse and disappear the people will just move to other cities, where we're obligated to help them. What choice do we have?  permalink
Your choice is to either face up to the fact that life isn't fair, and often isn't fun, and we all depend on each other. If you don't think so, take your vast wealth and buy an island and move there, and good luck.  permalink
Some very rich people are renouncing their US citizenship so they don't have to pay taxes here. You can go where ever they go. (I have a funny feeling you won't be welcome.) permalink
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