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VC out on a limb
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 at 7:24 PM.
Yesterday I started a thread to discuss the VC-funded Web 2.0 industry.  permalink
A picture named silo.gifThere's a tragedy in the making here. A huge amount of creativity is being captured with no visible plan for what to do when the shakeout comes. When companies start failing, or business shifts, or the cycle ends -- things that every insider knows will come someday -- where will the archives go?  permalink
The VC-backed tech world is way out on a limb and they keep building on it. The VCs, some of whom say they are anxious to discuss any possible flaw in their business model, haven't yet shown up to discuss this problem. It's all part of the free-vs-paid thread.  permalink
I think it's getting close to time that tech re-forms again. Next time around, let's invent a funding model for our web services that creates sustainable value. We haven't managed to create sustainable energy, or anything else for that matter -- maybe we can start the reboot of human civilization around our online presences.  permalink
Bottom-line: If today's VC won't fund a sustainable web, a web with a future, let's create a new kind of VC that does. permalink
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