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Don't let some plutocrat ruin your life
By Dave Winer on Saturday, July 28, 2012 at 8:33 PM.
A picture named bigGulp.gifDriving in Queens today I saw a soda delivery truck that said in huge letters that we shouldn't let some bureaucrat decide how big our soda cups should be. I thought what a strange message. Bureaucrat? They're talking about Mayor Bloomberg. He's not a bureaucrat, he's a plutocrat.  permalink
Why should I give a shit about the size of a soda cup. That's a distraction -- what I should care about is the size of the next bailout. permalink
Remember all the fuss about moral hazard. Well, guess what all the bankers figure they're good for another bailout, so they're doing all kinds of crazy deals and pulling out huge money from their morally hazardous companies, and they want to be sure that when it's time for another bailout the plutocrat in the White House is a friend who doesn't tell them to find a way to go bankrupt instead. permalink
Mitt Romney is just their guy. He's an asshole. No one likes him. But he'll help them out when they need a bailout. That's the number one quality plutocrats look for in their President. And they're hell-bent on buying themselves a good one. permalink
So it's not the size of the soft drink, it's the size of the bailout that matters. permalink
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