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One foot on the platform...
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 at 3:40 PM.
There's an old and wonderful Little Feat song.  permalink
Lowell George's girlfriend can't make up her mind. How he describes it is what's so cool. "She's got one foot on the platform, the other on the train."  permalink
And that's the best strategy, right now, for a reporter or blogger using Twitter. permalink
You can't get off the platform, that's where everyone is. But you need a Plan B, just in case you have to get off the platform. That's the train. permalink
A picture named mindTheGap.gifYou need a tool that allows you to publish to Twitter, and at the same time publish to an open system that can be connected to other open systems. So a user can create their own Twitter, the same way they use Twitter to follow many sources, without having to go through Twitter. permalink
Twitter is the platform. The feed is the train. permalink
It might sound complicated, but it's not. permalink
If Twitter were to cancel my account, I would keep posting, and people who followed me on the train (following the analogy) would continue to get my updates. The people on the platform, however -- would not. permalink
It's how we develop strength, and the power to choose, without leaving Twitter. permalink
If Twitter Corp plans on being nice to us, then they should not have a problem with this approach. Their API permits it. It's consistent with Dick Costolo's edict that we should put stuff into Twitter, but not take stuff out of it.  permalink
It's a way to preserve journalistic integrity even if Twitter hasn't yet figured out if it's in the business of providing a platform for journalism. permalink
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