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What's new in OPML Comments
By Dave Winer on Monday, September 17, 2012 at 9:14 AM.

With an active community, the first thing you need to know is What's New? permalink

That's why the next new thing is, of course, an RSS 2.0 feed of all the new stuff posted on all the threads on my site.  permalink

What's new is what's new! :-) permalink

But there's more... permalink

1. The JSON and JSONP versions. permalink

2. The microblog namespace, which is used by the feed.  permalink

3. The roadmap post that shows where we're going. permalink

4. A screen shot of a permalink on comments, a necessary feature for the feed. permalink

5. My personal river, which subscribes to the feed, so it's an easy place to find the latest comments on the threads site (along with news from quite a few other sources). permalink

6. A post on the threads site, ready to accept OPML or Disqus comments, to answer questions and share observations on the new features. If you poke around the feeds, you may find some things that raise questions or possibilities. permalink

7. What's next? There's a full CMS behind the comments, with a templating system for designers. Lots of formats and protocols for developers. The only part that's visible is the writing tool. And that's as it should be, because the people we are doing this for are writers and readers.  permalink

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