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Comments website
By Dave Winer on Friday, September 21, 2012 at 6:20 PM.

More and more the action is over on the threads site.  permalink

This is because I'm switching all my content management over the worldoutline.  permalink

Eventually this site will migrate too, but it's still a way's off. permalink

I try to get the important new posts into the Scripting News feed, so if you're following via RSS, you might not even notice the switchover. permalink

Anyway, this week's work is the comments website, and the ability to view a comment as a post with its own comments.  permalink

This illustrates an important concept. The words only have to exist in one place, but there can be as many renderings as you like and many different ways to organize and relate them. In one context my writing is a comment. In another it's a post. permalink

So there's never a technical reason for a content platform to silo-ize our data. The goal is to provide lots of opportunities to create content flows and communities without trapping any creativity. permalink

You'll find all the links for the comment site in this threads post. permalink

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