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By Dave Winer on Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 5:50 PM.

Lots of new posts over on the threads site. permalink

9/29/12: Twitter is a tragic tale permalink

9/28/12: Developing in 2012 permalink

9/28/12: This is another test permalink

9/28/12: Sites should have a "readable" button permalink

9/28/12: Romney as human being permalink

9/28/12: Twitter may need a Plan B permalink

9/27/12: Romney's 47 percent permalink

9/27/12: The Angry Birds platform? permalink

9/26/12: I want a Galaxy S3 but.. permalink

9/26/12: I thought "stench" was real permalink

9/26/12: 47% was not a gaffe permalink

9/26/12: Why Obama didn't meet at UN permalink

9/25/12: Problem posting to Twitter permalink

9/24/12: Today's podcast permalink

9/24/12: Open fields for discourse permalink

9/23/12: Why didn't Apple ease into maps? permalink

9/23/12: As a renewed Knicks fan permalink

9/23/12: Humanity doesn't scale permalink

9/22/12: Favorite movie reviews feeds? permalink

9/22/12: Comments on Costolo talk permalink

9/21/12: A comment *and* a blog post permalink

9/21/12: An open note to Doc permalink

9/20/12: A new feature sneak permalink

9/20/12: Maps, Tweetie and dBASE permalink

9/20/12: A day of construction permalink

9/19/12: Un-Web 2.0 permalink

9/19/12: MP3 of Romney's fund-raiser permalink

9/18/12: Question about SoundCloud permalink

9/18/12: Dear Green Button People permalink

9/18/12: Jury duty, voting and Romney permalink

9/17/12: I feel a little like a kid permalink

9/17/12: River with JSON-encoded OPML permalink

9/17/12: OWS on its anniversary permalink

9/17/12: Tech discussion of comments feed permalink

9/16/12: Newspapers and blogging permalink

9/15/12: To OWS -- please use the web permalink

9/15/12: Why Google is OK permalink

9/15/12: Whole post to Scripting feed permalink

9/15/12: Dear @diveintomark permalink

9/14/12: I don't think this is Kansas permalink

9/14/12: An idea for reporters conducting live interviews permalink

9/14/12: A question about class warfare permalink

9/14/12: YouTube in the developing world permalink

9/13/12: Blogging in transition permalink

9/12/12: A message to Republicans: Enough permalink

9/11/12: Do you see a green button on this page? permalink

9/11/12: Witting with Greenwald permalink

9/10/12: Dead people on voting rolls permalink

9/10/12: A test of outline comments permalink

9/8/12: To TechCrunch hackathoners permalink

9/7/12:'s impressive start permalink

9/6/12: Breakdown of feed formats permalink

9/6/12: Life outside Twitter permalink

9/5/12: About Twitter's changes permalink

9/5/12: in transition permalink

9/5/12: Why a second term for Obama? permalink

9/4/12: Repubs lie and obstruct, but Obama does not lead permalink

9/3/12: The real liars are the press permalink

9/3/12: Embedded registration form permalink

9/2/12: Odd pic of two Presidents permalink

9/1/12: Obama gets 1/2 of it permalink

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