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cactus picture Week of February 24
Next week we're going to release a lot of new software thru www.scripting.com, stuff that for now, only works on Mac System 7.
  1. Classified Ads Server

    If you want to run a classified ads server like the one on this system, starting next week you will be able to.

    The software is totally turnkey, no scripting required.

    We were thinking about charging money for this software, but decided to release it for free. I hope hundreds of these go on the air covering all kinds of specializations and geographies.

  2. Web Publisher Platform

    This software will be used as part of Apple's web presence at InternetWorld in LA in March and the Seybold Conference in NY in April.

    Delivers on the promise of Large Dynamic Sites with Lots of Authors. Writers use their favorite text editor to write for their organizational website. Content is separated from design.

    New pieces can be submitted via email or FTP. Hooks are provided for custom editorial workflow. It's highly customizable.

  3. Shareware Reviews Site

    We're going to use the Web Publishing Platform to host a public server to accumulate reviews of shareware software products.

    The site will be indexed nightly, and hopefully will provide a useful unique resource to the community, and provide a testbed for the evolution of WPP.

  4. New CGI Framework

    The next version of Frontier's CGI Framework supports all popular Macintosh web servers, without custom drivers, including WebSTAR, Quid Pro Quo, NetPresenz and the new servers from Apple and Microsoft. It's fully backward compatible with previous versions.

  5. Frontier 4.2.1 and upgrader

    We're going to merge in various fixes and new releases for NewsPage and FinderMenu. Includes NetEvents 1.0b4 in the Misc Stuff folder.

    No changes to the Frontier app. The new release is called 4.2.1, and as with previous versions, an upgrader script will be provided, and it will be free.

  6. Something to think about

    A final note to people who think NextStep is better.

    Check this out...

    When will you do this kind of stuff on NextStep?


Have a great weekend!

Dave Winer

PS: Watch http://www.scripting.com/ for announcements.

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