Thea's Galleria of Great Frontier Web Sites
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Welcome, I'm Thea and I will be hosting the Galleria. Each week a GREAT Frontier Web site will be showcased, with screen snapshots and comments from the developer describing the project. Web sites with a creative blend of design, content and technology!


  • To celebrate, encourage and inspire the creative use of Frontier.
  • To showcase the wonderful diversity of Frontier websites.
Basic Conditions:
  • The site has been registered with UserLand Software (hint, hint).
  • The site owner has given UserLand permission to contact them.
  • Frontier is used to render the web pages or plays a significant roll in processing the content.
  • The site is viewer, browser, platform and bandwidth friendly.
The Plan:
  • To showcase a GREAT Frontier website each week.
About this site:
  • Created and maintained in Frontier 5.0b1 on Macintosh OS
  • The new attribute to {imageRef()}, glossRef, was used for the navigation graphics and screen snapshot links. It was also used within the Glossary to create an item that could be called by a directive on each page to change the far left section graphic (WELCOME, CURRENT, ARCHIVES etc)
  • Some editing and testing of HTML code was done with BBEdit   (I'm especially fond of BBEdit's HTML syntax checker)
  • Site screen shots and graphics were prepared in Photoshop using a drop shadow filter by Alien Skin
  • ITC Benquiat Gothic, by Adobe, was the font used for logo & navigation graphics
  • The entire interface was designed in Photoshop, the logo and navigation graphics were then indexed to 3 or 4 bit, Adaptive Palette and exported as GIF89a files
  • The screen snapshots were saved as JPEG at medium/low compression
  • The graphics interface for each page is just under 8k (excluding screen snapshots which will vary with each showcased site)

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Site designed and maintained with Frontier 5 version 5.0b1 on Macintosh OS
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