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Great NBA Playoffs RSS feed? permalink

I'm looking for a great feed for news of the NBA playoffs. I want to know the scores as games complete. All the news before the games. Scheduling. Injuries. Nba.com's feed is fairly pathetic. I want a great one. Got a pointer?

Posted: 4/29/12; 8:20:32 PM.

Trying out Google Drive permalink

I downloaded and installed Google Drive right away of course.

I can share a folder publicly, which is useful.

You can also link to an individual file in Drive.

A picture named carlosBoozerSmall.jpgThis link should take you to a picture of the White House if it's working. Only sort of. It tkes you to a page that includes the picture. I'd like to link to just the picture. Let's see if this link lasts. :-)

The picture of Carlos Boozer to the right was being served from the Public folder of my Google Drive folder, but then the link broke. So you can't point directly to a file. The link isn't persistent. That's an advantage that Dropbox has. Here's the link to the small picture of Carlos Boozer on Dropbox. It won't break.

Drive begins with the same two letters as Dropbox. So when you're typing the name of one into the browser's address bar you'll see the name of the other, if you've been to their website.

Question -- will Google's search engine go into folders that are marked public. I don't see why it shouldn't. I think they want to go in there.

Gotta wonder how long before Google-Plus features show up when you view a folder or a file.

Posted: 4/24/12; 6:07:24 PM.

Free rent? permalink

Suppose a company said we'll give you an apartment for free, no rent.

One condition -- they can monitor and record everything you do in the apartment. When you come and go. What products you use. Who sleeps over.

Free Internet too, with the same condition.

Would you do it?

Posted: 4/21/12; 1:45:05 PM.

New EC2 for Poets permalink

I need some people to try out the new "EC2 for Poets".

What's new is that it now gets you through the installation of River2, a river-of-news feed reader and podcatcher. It's updated for the latest changes in the AWS console.

I've also groomed the installation process so there's nothing you need to set up in the "OPML Server" app. Once the server is running, you just install the River2 app (one-click) and you're up and running. At least that's the theory.

It works for me. Does it work for you?

If there are problems, please let me know what you expected it to do, what it actually did. Is the problem reproducible? Screen shots are often helpful.

Posted: 4/20/12; 8:27:51 AM.

Question about URLs permalink

I want to put a link on every page that gets you the OPML version of the page. The back-end just looks for a format param whose value is opml. The question is what's the easiest way to specify that.

I could provide the fully qualified URL -- http://threads.scripting.com/41912ByDw/questionAboutUrls

Or I could leave out the host -- /41912ByDw/questionAboutUrls

Or I could leave out the path -- questionAboutUrls

But could I leave out everything?

It seems to work in Firefox.

Is it kosher?

PS: I added the feature. Click the orange XML icon at the bottom of this page you get the OPML.

Posted: 4/19/12; 8:13:06 AM.

Casual Games for XBOX? permalink

I just got an XBOX 360 without having any idea what I would "use" it for. :-)

I like casual games -- The Sims, Angry Birds, stuff like that. I don't have the bandwidth to get into a massive gaming environment or whatever. I see the things people do with their consoles and it boggles me.

I got the Kinect, but it's going to take a while to get used to it, and it may not work at all in my apartment because well it's a Manhattan apartment, that means it's smallll. Kinect seems to like more room than I have.

What should I start with? I really liked the sports games on the Wii.

This is just for fun, to let off a little steam, to distract my mind.

Thanks in advance for ideas!

Posted: 4/7/12; 7:10:33 PM.

Readability vs Instapaper permalink

Posted: 4/2/12; 12:47:49 PM.


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