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A rule for reporters permalink

Every reporter should have a way to contact them offline, without creating a public record of the contact.

I don't mean a high security link, though that would be nice, I mean an email address on their About page.

Obviously I have an idea for a reporter who I read regularly, who I think could benefit from a new perspective on things, that would give him a way to apply what he knows to a whole other industry.

I'd rather not be his "source" for this idea, in other words I don't want to be quoted in whatever stories may come from this, nor do I even want to be mentioned in the stories. I am not the story, nor am I even part of it. And maybe he or she doesn't want to pick it up. But they are losing out if there's no way to send them a quick note, from someone they probably don't know (me).

My hope is that the reporter I want to reach will post an item to this thread and I'll thereby get their email address and be able to get this idea out to them. :-)

Posted: 3/14/12; 9:04:47 AM.

It's amazing anyone uses Google+ permalink

Just read this piece that reminds me that not only does Google not allow posting from apps other than Google+, it also doesn't have feeds so there's no way to get your stuff out.

I don't know what they're doing at Google, but they're going the wrong way with this stuff.

My systems have feeds coming out and can be wired up to other systems to integrate their input.

We still have more work to do but everything is aimed toward being open pipes on both end.

Someday one of these companies will try to build a coral reef and will reap huge gains.

Posted: 3/12/12; 1:39:59 PM.

Should journalists play roles in movies? permalink

Lately I've been noticing more journalists appearing in movies that are essentially fiction, or totally fiction.

This feels like an ethical breech. A journalist is not an actor. Playing a fictional role, as yourself, with your name, your TV network, feels wrong.

I'm having a hard time putting my finger on why this is.

Perhaps it's that it makes one question when you're watching them do their real job if it's acting or if they're trying to be a real journalist. Or if they're just playing one (as they are in the movie).

Do you have an opinion?

Posted: 3/11/12; 10:51:03 AM.


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