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Pre-Knicks ride in the park Permalink.

It's a new season ladies and gents, boys and girls.

I'm in a new riding venue, parked right on The Park.

Big diff -- hills! :-)

Today's map: 33 minutes. 5.54 miles.

Many ways to be a Knicks fan Permalink.

We have a very small informal mail list among the four guys who went to see the Knicks beat the Mavs at the height of Linsanity.

Jeremy Zilar commented: "So now that the coach is out of there, the Knicks are back to winning again, right?4 straight wins. Or is #Linsanity dead?"

To which I said...

I think this is a very fragile thing they have going now.

A picture named knicks.gifIt's a very talented team, that's not in dispute. Amazingly talented. Unlike a lot of other NBA teams, the talent is distributed. That's powerful. Because they can rest while the other team is knocking themselves out. Lin said that last night in an interview. Why were they able to surge defensively in the fourth quarter? Because the entire starting lineup was resting in the third quarter. When they came out in the fourth, the other guys didn't know what hit em.

The problem is that the supposed leaders are fragile. I don't mean their bodies, I mean their *being*. When things turn in the other direction, the energy that's pushing them forward now will drop out.

I don't think that's a problem for the former non-starter Lin, and the current non-starters. They have a lot of upward mobility. But where do Carmelo and Amare go when the bottom drops out next time. Do they let Lin drive?

I think that's why Woodson's rap that Lin is a young player with potential is actually pretty brilliant. Set the expectation low, leave him lots of room to impress. He ain't saying that about Carmelo and Amare though.

And I love what Chandler does. No one says he has to do a thing. But he's doing his share of dishing and whishing.

BTW, the strongest asset the Knicks have now is CLyde!!!

Zilar went on to say "And as a side note, I don't think New York will be able to swallow Tebow's personality. He''l be out in a year."

Who the fuck is Teobw? Does he play for the Nets? Islanders?

David Jacobs, also on the list said he might be the new center fielder for the Mets.

On Twitter, Jason Samuels asks "Do we still need to get rid of Amare and Melo?"

To which I responded "I'm loving what's happening with the Knicks, watching every game."

Which of course doesn't answer the question. :-)

I don't know what's coming. But what's done is done. Look forward not backward. Etc etc.

Yeah we're in another era with the Knicks. They seem to happen every couple of weeks. Makes things really interesting.

That said I think there are many different kinds of Knicks fans. I wasn't a fan before Linsanity. Straight. So I have nothing invested in the way things were before. I just know they sucked. Intuitively, when you have a chance to grab greatness, and it means saying goodbye to the past, I think it's good to go for it. Esp when I'm just kibitzing. And as a new Knicks fan, I very much am there. People with something invested in the way things were, see things differently.

I've never believed there was just one way to be a fan, in other words. :-)

PS: My previous Knicks post.

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