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This is just a test

I'm testing a new feature in Fargo 0.84.

When you click the eye icon on something that's in a named outline, and it does not have a name attribute, we assign one.

That way you can change the text of the headline without breaking links.

An important feature!

 6/22/13; 12:44:47 PM.

I use River3 to read RSS

People often ask what I use, and I always tell them. This is it.

That's a site that's maintained by River3, which is a Dropbox-based news aggregator. I've been working on it in my spare time while we've been shipping Fargo and Trex. The reason I can do that is that it's a vast simplification of the previous river product, River2.

First, there's no UI. All input comes in through a Dropbox folder. And all output is published to the same folder.

The input is this: a set of OPML reading lists, and a template.

The output: A folder with HTML files, one with logs, and another with JSON files that can plug into other river displays if needed. (We will have this in Fargo, soon.)

The output folder is optionally mirrored on S3, so you don't have to fuss with how to make things public.

Here's a screen shot of the Dropbox folder.

The app runs in the OPML Editor, so it can run on Windows or Mac. This is not a Small Picture product, it's just a thing I've been working on, on the side.

It's pretty easy to set up, through the normal server configuration system in the OPML Editor environment. I know it's weird that an editor is also a server. But that's the way these things evolve. Servers everywhere.

I haven't made this app available to others, but if I do, it will be through the Frontier-user list. It won't be open source, but it will be free to use for whatever you like.

 6/22/13; 8:49:11 AM.

Philosophy of Fargo blogging

Keep it simple.

The + icon is your friend.

Think in outlines.

Include a picture every so often.

Videos are nice too.

Dogma 2000 is incorporated by reference, even though the site is long-gone. :-(

type as you think

don’t care about your spellings, typos and cut-and-paste related mistakes

try to write correctly

do not make mistakes on purpose

no intellectual capitals or other strange letter substitutions (LiKe Th15 0r ThAt)

Share your ideas.

Use lots of smileys! (There's an infinite supply and they do not contribute to global warming, as far as we know.)









Don't worry about the table of contents page, that's mostly for you. Only your most interested readers will even go there.

I don't even have one on Scripting News.

The site has been going since 1994, can you imagine how huge that page would be?

Our goal is to port Scripting News to Fargo.

1. Tabs.

2. River.

3. Links.

4. About.

It would be nice to have a rule that numbered the items!

Why doesn't the crumb trail have a Home element as the first item?

Screen shot of my editing environment writing this post.

I am using the thread node type here.

Be prepared for change.

 6/22/13; 7:47:48 AM.

RSS Viewer app

I got tired of fighting with Chrome and Safari over whether I'm allowed to read RSS files.

Just enter the URL in the dialog and click OK.

It even remembers the URL you can read the same file over and over.

Nice if you're trying to watch the file change.

 6/22/13; 7:28:43 AM.

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