Thread started by Dave Winer.

Philosophy of Fargo blogging

Keep it simple.

The + icon is your friend.

Think in outlines.

Include a picture every so often.

Videos are nice too.

Dogma 2000 is incorporated by reference, even though the site is long-gone. :-(

type as you think

don’t care about your spellings, typos and cut-and-paste related mistakes

try to write correctly

do not make mistakes on purpose

no intellectual capitals or other strange letter substitutions (LiKe Th15 0r ThAt)

Share your ideas.

Use lots of smileys! (There's an infinite supply and they do not contribute to global warming, as far as we know.)









Don't worry about the table of contents page, that's mostly for you. Only your most interested readers will even go there.

I don't even have one on Scripting News.

The site has been going since 1994, can you imagine how huge that page would be?

Our goal is to port Scripting News to Fargo.

1. Tabs.

2. River.

3. Links.

4. About.

It would be nice to have a rule that numbered the items!

Why doesn't the crumb trail have a Home element as the first item?

Screen shot of my editing environment writing this post.

I am using the thread node type here.

Be prepared for change.