If anyone from Twitter is listening...

First a little background

1. A few years ago I was writing about Twitter's suggested users list, frequently, because it was inflating the follower counts of a few users, arbitrarily, and appeared to influence news written about Twitter, for fear of being dropped from the list.

2. Jay Rosen was put on the list, and heroically asked to be taken off it.

3. I wrote more about it.

4. Then I was put on the list, and felt honor-bound to ask to be taken off it.

5. Twitter responded, saying there was no list. Which is what they had been saying all along, which was perplexing. You could see that there was one.

6. They took me off the list (how I saw it) or they took me out of their recommendation engine (which is what they said they did).

Maybe there wasn't a list when I appeared on it?

Almost at the same time I appeared on this list, or appeared to appear on the list (I know it's confusing) the list seemed to disappear and their recommendation engine became real. Today, I don't think there is a suggested user list. And as a result it feels as if my follower count may be growing more slowly than those who are part of the system.

If anyone from Twitter is listening...

If there's an exception in your database that says something like "Never recommend @davewiner," please remove the exception. I want as many followers as I'm entitled to.

And thanks for getting rid of the SUL.

Posted: Fri, 16 Aug 2013 12:52:35 GMT