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Request to be removed from the SUL
By Dave Winer on Friday, January 22, 2010 at 1:48 PM.

I just sent this via email to a Twitter board member. permalink

Thanks for including me on the new Suggested Users List, but I have to ask to be taken off it, for the reasons outlined in this piece. permalink  permalink

People might think that I held back criticism for Twitter if I got this boost from the company providing the communication platform. permalink

I know this because I've already felt inclined to withhold criticism because getting the approval feels nice. permalink

I imagine it feels good from the other side, to be able to control who gets approval and not. This is why I feel very strongly that you should immediately, as an urgent priority, get a new system in place that returns your company to being a service provider with absolutely zero interest in how your system is used by individuals. permalink

Dave permalink

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