I'm looking to revitalize a kind of blog post I used to write. One to three sentences, a few links, a conclusion or a question. Not on its own page. More than a tweet but less than a post. #

Here's a perfect mini-post. A quick comment on one of my posts, a quote, and a promise to write more later. #

The Knicks should thank Carmelo Anthony for all the fun, and wish him luck, and let him go. It can't work. There's no way the team can add more talent to balance out his talent in time to make a difference for him. His time is now. He should try to get on the Bulls or Heat, or maybe even the Rockets (I like that one). And the Knicks should sign a few promising mid-range free agents, using the cap space freed up by Melo's departure.#

The NYT has a public editor, and she's doing a great job. I think they'll eventually need to have a technological counterpart, to provide an outside/inside perspective on how the Times is using technology, since it's so central to what they do.#

This is going to work differently from Scripting News, yet when it's ready for public viewing, the contents of this outline will be displayed on the scripting.com home page.#

The first thing I'm aiming to do with this is to create a linkblog and note-taking environment like scripting.com was before 2006. Here's an example of a month of posts, for July 2006. #

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