Blog post: Why blogging is an amateur thing.#

Quartz on Silicon Valley's war with Wall Street.#

Today Chrome completely changed the user interface of their debugger. I no longer know how it works. #

Interesting NY Daily News piece on Melo moving to Chicago.#

The Atlantic asks why people think the Oscar ceremony sucks. Because most of the awards don't mean anything to most viewers. We understand the following categories: Best picture, best actress, actor, supporting actor and actress. And that's it. So if the Oscars are going to be more fun, you need more awards for people who are on-screen or at least whose voice is in the movie. How about best voice in an animated movie? Best comedic performance for both genders. #

So Jared Leto is a transgender mammy. Makes sense. And in a few years we'll look back at Her that way too. How about casting a real operating system? Scarlett Johansson is human. At least cast an OS actor. #

David Denby observes that 2013 was a great year for movies, something that wasn't reflected in the Oscar ceremony.#

1. I don't have a 140 character limit.#

2. I can have as many links as I want in an item. #

3. I use HTML hyperlinks.#

4. I don't use a URL-shortener.#

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