Posts: Newsweek's breakthrough, Fargo as v2.0 of the Metaweblog API.#

Yet another: My templates are open source.#

New domain:

Data from the NewsJunk project I did with Nicco Mele in 2008.#

Phil Jackson front-office position with Knicks?#

Screen shot of my 1999 browser-based editing system. This was for-real. Not just a mockup.#

A picture named cowboy.gifI like to start a new blog post when I start working on a new version of Fargo. As I make changes, I note them in the sub-outline. When the new version is released, I do a light edit, uncomment the post, and it's published. Nice workflow. Took years to get here. Actually decades. #

Trying to show a friend how to write a blog post. #

I said "Now click on the eye icon." He clicked. Nothing happened. Click again. Nothing. Click click click. Nothing. #

Turns out he was clicking on the icon that makes things italic. It of course is also the "eye" icon. #

I'm glad I worked on this so much.#

It's very sexy. I love the way it looks and feels.#

A picture of a slice of cheese cake.#

I can write as many of these.#

I will use these when what I have to say is more than two or three sentences.#

It's a mini-blog post. Not as big as something more formal. But longer than a tweet or a mini-mini-blog post.#


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