NYT: Can We Learn About Privacy From Porn Stars? #

Hey I used the new call-to-tumblr feature, they say it's from the 90s but I don't get it. I wanted this feature in the 90s, but we didn't have it. #

I just walked Chuck through the process for cloning scripting news website. It did not work. Got to make this completely airtight. #

He must talk with the public, unlike Dolan and the other execs.#

He should make the decision, on behalf of the Knicks and Melo, about what's to become of Melo. #

The correct decision is this: Melo moves on. #

There's no workable scenario where the Knicks are any better next year than they are this year, and that's no good for either party. #

Melo should go to Miami or Chicago, the Clippers or maybe even Boston. How about Golden State, what a combo that would be. A team with some hot young talent and a major elite point guard. Or even better an ego like Noah or LeBron. #

Melo is a great shooter, but he needs to be part of a team. A big part of a championship team. That will not be Knicks for quite a few years, and that's OK! #

Bring back exciting basketball to New York. For crying out loud keep Hardaway and Shumpert. We need some young promising dudes who are cheap to root for. Let's hold on to some of these guys. And keep Chandler and Stat too. What the fuck they are Knicks.#

Dolan doesn't have the gravitas to do it. And what's his name, the coach, he's got to be gone.#

The Knicks need some kind of shake-up. Having Phil Jackson come back in an executive role could be just the thing. #

A picture named equalTime.jpg#

Glad you could make it! #

This is a prototype of the next version of Scripting News.#

It's also going to be a built-in capability for Fargo.#

These items exist as part of my blog, but they will also exist as part of yours, if you want. #

I want to build a new kind of linking, where the content is included in the destination, as a supporting fact. #

The same way I included a picture of a NYC snowbank in the previous item.#

A picture of a slice of cheese cake.#

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