Scripting News: Change coming in RSS feed. #head-up #

Braving the Deep, Deadly South on a Bicycle.#

The Amtrak reservations site has been down all day. #

Neil Young announces the launch of ponomusic. #

Nothing is as tasty as a Papaya Dog.#

Quartz: How Stolen Passports Were Used to Board Flight MH370. #

My current best motto: Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.#

Update: I just reserved #

Dan Gillmor: Learning about, and deploying IndieWeb tools. #

My noteblog now looks good on my iPhone. Happy. #

Screen shot of editing environment for this blog. #

Phil Jackson come on down! #

You're in a Starbuck's and buy a coffee for $2.37. You give the guy a $20 bill. He gives you back bills and change. Quickly, did he cheat you? You have to do the math in your head. Which method do you use? (This blogger believes you'll use Common Core whether you know it's called that or not, and he's right, you will.)#

Here's the deal on Newsweek. They didn't have enough info to report as fact that this guy is the Satoshi who invented BitCoin. So their piece was wrong. Had they said "We have a theory that this is the Satoshi who invented BitCoin, they'd have been on solid ground. #


Beautiful play! #

I haven't thought about what to call them. Mostly they are ideas that are too big to fit into a tweet, and that I want to be able to refer to in the future. #

I think of the whole thing as a "noteblog" and even reserved if the idea catches on and other people want to keep public notes in this fashion.#

To which I reply: It is. #

I switched off that format in 2006 because:#

1. Google Reader didn't like my feed with little snippets, they insisted that a blog post be a title/link and description. #

2. Twitter looked like the future, with their API and Internet-scale notification system.#

Now Google Reader is gone, and Twitter doesn't look like the future anymore. Most of my ideas don't fit into 140 chars, and although I tried writing two sentence blog posts, I was starting to post some of them on Facebook, which is not a good place for stuff that's meant to persist. The rest I would just lose. That's not cool!#

Now that Fargo 2 is maturing, I decided to try to solve the problem for real.#

For writing that's not full enough to be a blog post, but too full to fit into 140.#

I would call them medium posts, but someone else already thought of that. #

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