Scripting News: Conferences for thinkers. #

Scripting News: Opacity in CSS background images.#

Someone should do a study to test the theory that "letting news come to you" is an effective way of staying informed.#

Jeremy Zilar says the text should be narrower, it's easier to read. I thought and gave it a try and liked it. I made the width fixed at 700 pixels.#

Often enough when someone makes a request that I change the way something works I'll say no way, it's too much work, I like it the way it is. Then the next day I do it. Sleeping on it makes the idea seem more reasonable, it seems. #

This appears to be the live page for the Snowden talk at SXSW.#

I stopped watching True Detective after episode 4. It got really boring for me. Nothing was happening. I loved the first episodes, because they were so different from any TV I had seen. But either they got too violent for my liking, or I stopped being interested in the characters. A show has to strike a balance. I don't get off on gore and blood just for the shock value. Uck.#

When I start in the morning, I have a cup of coffee and I sit down and fix a few bugs, document a few things, tie off some loose-ends from my last programming session. Then I add a new headline at the top, entitled Morning coffee notes, press Cmd-] to demote, and marvel at how easy it was to put all the details of the beginning of a day neatly under a single headline. #

The generalizations are made by the young who have no idea what's ahead of them. The only way you stay sane is to think that it truly is unknowable. But as you get older you learn that there's so much we all do -- exactly the same as everyone else, it's really depressing, but there's no way to avoid it.#

Good morning everyone!#

Fixed problem with date at top of each day. Under some circumstances it would show Sunday when it really should show Monday. This is because I had a "-5" param on cmsFormatDate. Should have been "0".#

We now have background images working. If you put a backgroundImage att on the day headline, with its value as the URL of an image, it will show that image as the background for the day, with an opacity of 30 percent. Not sure this is the right value, also not sure how to let the user set the opacity. For example, the March 4 background image is a great Linsanity picture of Melo and Lin, the two Knicks who loved each other, with Coach D'Antoni in the background, scowling. #

Thanks to the excellent CSS Mentor Nicolas Gallagher for helping me figure this out.#

As I look at this page, I'm not exactly laughing out loud. More like a combination of snickering and cackling. #

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