Heroku: 10 Habits of a Happy Node Hacker.#

Fast Company: The Infinite Lives Of BitTorrent. #

Pando: How the iPhone 5s just made a hypocrite.#

Radiolab: This is Your Brain On Love. #oxytocin #

Chrome can emulate mobile devices for debugging! Nice. #

A picture named banksy.gif#

To use streams, at the top level of your outline, add a #type "stream" directive.#

In the outline settings dialog for the outline, in the Overrides panel, set the type to idea. #

Now when you click the + icon in this outline, you will create a calendar structure of nodes of type idea. Each one of these items appears in your RSS feed because it has an isFeedItem attribute, which is put there when you hit the + icon.#

However these nodes are treated differently when we create the RSS guid for it. We don't generate a path to the node, we generate a path to the headline 2 levels in from the summit that contains it, a node that represents a day in the calendar. Then we add a #name value at the end of the URL to construct a guid which is both a permalink and unique. The guid is based on the created att on the headline, so unless you create two headlines in the same second, each will have a unique address. So be careful when creating these items not to create a bunch of them by wailing on the + icon. Do it more slowly. #

If you have it set so that new items are comments, that will be respected as before, so until you uncomment the node it won't appear in the feed. This option is set in the Insert tab in the global settings dialog. #


1. With an image is in the background, when viewed on the iPhone, the margins are wrong. Done.#

The problem it appears is that we have a fixed width of 100% on divTextInFrontOfImage.#

Solution: Take the 100% off, add it back in the startup script when the page is loaded, if there is no image.#

2. The guids for the items are wrong. Done.#

3. Need an icon for idea type. Done. #

4. Clean up pointer to RSS feed, don't use Dropbox's url. Done.#

5. Other templates need to be mobile-ized.#

6. If a permalink points inside something collapsed, expand it. Done.#

Today's going to be a lite day. I feel groggy and a bit hung over.#

And while I'm typing this, iTunes came to the front twice, for no good reason. It's updating my iPad to iOS 7.1. Why iTunes needed to come to the front? Some lazy programmer somewhere couldn't fix a bug, I guess.#

Time for coffee! #

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