Scripting News: Users make standards.#

Scripting News: The second guy makes the standard.#

Scripting News: They love horse shit.#

Today's background image is Bliss. #

Atlantic: Not Even Silicon Valley Escapes History.#

The Fountain of Youth is a spring that supposedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters#

My favorite podcast these days is Planet Money from NPR.#

All of a sudden the price of Knicks tickets is way up! #

A picture named sorrySmall.jpg#

This is how you win. Stay respectful at all times. No sarcasm. Give your opponent all the respect they don't give you. People notice this, although you don't think they do.#

Force your adversary to take yes for an answer. You find out quickly who's wed to conflict and disagreement when one side surrenders.#

Another example. I was watching the gubernatorial debate betw Schwarzenegger and whoever his opponent was. At the end of the debate the candidates could ask each other questions. So the first guy goes and asks a "question" that's actually an attack. "Why are you such a jerk?" Arnold says a bunch of nonsense that he's been saying the whole night. Good-natured nonsense. Then it's his turn to ask. "What's the most interesting thing you've learned on the campaign?" A total softball question. The guy just fell over. He had been prepared for anything but that. It totally worked. He had no idea what to say.#

A picture of a slice of cheese cake.#

I wrote this in a tweet: "I think you have to deliberately temper your ambition to keep it at a human scale. Otherwise there's no integrity. You are just human."#

I thought deserved an explanation and to be saved outside of Twitter.#

My idea of integrity is this: If there's a difference between what you seem to be and what you are, then you have an integrity issue. For example, a boat with a hole in its bottom has an integrity issue if it's in water, because pretty soon it's not going to be a boat. One of the key things about boats are that they float. However if it's a beached boat, it can have a hole in its bottom and still be a boat. I'm sure you understand why. #

So having too much money is a problem because to manage a lot of money you need to be more than a human at some point because it gets complicated as anyone with a lot of money can tell you. You have to hire all kinds of people to help you, the more you have. #

There's the problem. You can't be a person and have above a certain amount of money because you have to become more than one person and you just can't do that. It's not something we can do. #

Maybe this is too subtle. But I think it explains the unhappy part of getting rich, and very few rich people are happy. I think a lot more poor people are. Because they are living at a human scale. #

Microsoft: "We undertook a limited review of this third party's Microsoft operated accounts." (Translated: We read his mail.)#

When a tech company refers to you as a "third party" you know you're in trouble.#

Mike Arrington: About That Time Google Spied On My Gmail.#

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