Scripting News: Unpopular truths.#

Today's background image is the default Mac OS wallpaper.#

Facebook to acquire Oculus Rift virtual reality manufacturer for ~$2B.#

I use Fargo to keep what Johnson calls a spark file. It's how I manage all the ideas I want to work on.#

I do prefer to open doors for myself, whether it relates to self-esteem, I'm not sure#

In the past if I wanted to link to an image, I'd put the link in the HTML. Click the link, see the image, hit the Back button. Now I can put the image in a popup dialog, click OK to dismiss it. Same interaction, this way is a little faster and less disruptive to your flow. Less jarring. I hope. Examples follow...#

I tried using this great New Yorker cartoon as a Scripting News background image, but it clashed too much.#

A picture named never.gif#

Later, by coincidence, I listened to a Fresh Air interview with Bob Mankoff, who did that cartoon, who has a book out. He's the New Yorker cartoon editor. #

First Look says Omidyar to stay out of newsroom.#

Swiss Watchmakers Skeptical of Digital Revolution.#

Video: The final images from every Best Picture winner. #

Google Announces Price Drops For Its Cloud Computing Services.#

Million Dollar Homepage still exists, but 22% of it has rotted. #

Harvard: Closing the gender gap in computer science.#

Gay Firefox developers boycott Mozilla to protest CEO hire.#

Sometimes platforms are defined first around users -- Mac, Android, iOS come to mind. And sometimes platforms are defined first by developers. Examples include Unix, the web, JavaScript. #

But eventually every successful platform ends up viewed both ways. If there are apps written in JavaScript, it is relevant to users. I make apps for users -- and they have to know they're using a new platform because it works differently from any other platform.#

JavaScript is a very cool developer platform. That's why I'm interested in it, but I wouldn't be making software for it if it also wasn't an excellent user platform too, potentially. #

I'll be at EmpireJS, May 5-6, NYC. #

If you look in the Links menu at the top of each page, you'll see a new item there, Open comments window. #

Choose the command if you want to comment. A familiar Disqus comments interface appears.#

That's about it. You have to remember where to look, but this seems like a good thing, keeping the hit-and-run type comments to a minimum. #

Yes, I know it looks a little funky. If you have suggestions, please post a comment. #

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