Travel day -- NY to Seattle.#

I just watched the first three episodes of the new Cosmos series, with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and it's very good. He's not Carl Sagan, but that's okay -- the show is updated, with really great visuals, and tells stories in a highly accessible way, yet gives you a feel for how different the universe is from the way it seems living our normal head-down lives here on Planet Earth. Tyson has the same passion that Sagan had. It's important to spread the news, encourage everyone to watch the show. #

I loved the story about how Isaac Newton invented modern mathematics, and how he was hassled by the trolls of the day, but science won out in the end and we got differential and integral calculus and we understood how suns, planets, comets and galaxies influence each other with gravity. #

Marco Arment says you should run your own servers, or at least give it a try, and Brent Simmons says "not for me, now."#

I recently had to make that decision. My first move was to set up a Linux server, install Node on it, and it worked fine. But then I talked with an old friend, Eric Kidd, who has been doing this for years, and he urged me to try Heroku. I did, and no regrets -- the servers work so well and scale so easily that I eventually turned off the Linux server I already had deployed. I just wasn't using it.#

I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong here, but for me, now -- this is the right choice. #

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