Fargo blog: Fargo 1.53.#

I wrote a blog post when Prop 8 passed. #

The Atlantic: The forced resignation of Brendan Eich will have a chilling effect on political discourse.#

NYT: "The campaign against Mr. Eich was unseemly and disturbing."#

Completely Surreal Photos Of America's Abandoned Malls.#

Susan Kare: The Woman Behind Apple's First Icons.#

The same philosophy behind Dropbox can declutter your life.#

ReadWrite: With Mozilla In Disarray, The Open Web Needs A Hero.#

17 Pun Dog Puns That Will Instantly Brighten Your Day.#

When J.R. Smith is hot, the Knicks are hot too.#

Today's background image is a composite of all the planes taking off in one day at LAX.#

I love Emojis. #

I'm on the Mac. Choose Special Characters from the Edit menu in the browser. A browser shows up with several categories. Screen shot. I can enter a character, but it displays as a square box both in Fargo and in the rendering. #

The characters in the browser are too small for my huge screen. Wish they were as big as they are on my phone or tablet. But it's great to have them here. Now we need them to work! Any help much appreciated. #

If you have an idea, choose Open comments window in the Links menu at the top of the page.#

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