Good morning sports fans!#

I'm working my way through Girls, and loving it. It's changing the way I look at NYC. #

However, I'm not expecting to like Silicon Valley for the same reason Elon Musk doesn't. I've lived that lifestyle, and I doubt seriously whether TV writers will have any idea what's going on. Watching people write code is very different from making music or acting. Fingers move, you take a drink, maybe pace a little. In the old days I'd play drums while waiting for a build (they happen too fast now for you to have that kind of time). Otherwise it's like watching paint dry. Doesn't mean it's not exciting, it is -- but it would be hard to convey that on TV. Hey it might be like writing a series about TV writers. #

HBO's iPad app makes you re-enter your cable operator's username/password for every show you watch. Netflix remembers your login forever. #

Today's background image, a bride in Central Park, a sure sign that spring is either here, or coming soon. #

You say things you would never say if it was "just you."#

The general press has been covering the Mozilla story the last few days, but none of them, imho have explained why this is a crucial time for Mozilla. Interestingly, if it were a sports story they probably would be able to. For example..#

When a basketball team is rebuilding, you can read about it all over sports commentary. The strategy shows up in everything they do, when they write about the Celtics, 76ers, for example, two teams that are definitely doing it, and it's in the undercurrent of what they report on the Knicks, who probably should be rebuilding. The Chicago Bulls thought they were rebuilding, but they have a spunky center who felt otherwise, and the team is in contention for something, not a championship, but likely a deep run into the playoffs.#

Mozilla, like the Knicks, should be rebuilding because this is no longer a game of big men on the inside, but rather its a smaller more agile athletic game, with computers that now fit in pockets and mount on your arm and head, and who knows where else. Mozilla, through their Firefox browser, has been dealt out of that game. And if they saw it coming, they certainly didn't react in time. Mozilla never has been very nimble. Which has actually been part of its charm. #

So who will be the Phil Jackson of Firefox, and what will he or she do with the options they have. These are much more interesting questions than the politics that are understandable to the savvy reporters, but they require an understanding of what Mozilla does, and how it fits in with the other teams in tech, both historically and in the future. #

Tech isn't really any harder than basketball to cover, you just have to get how the game works. #

I'd like to propose a new Twitter convention. #

"unsub" in reply to a directed tweet means: "thanks, i got your point." Its purpose is to tell a spammer to stop, without encouraging more spam. It's also a subtle way of saying you're being a dick, from my point of view, ymmv. #

Design flaw: Twitter only recognizes one kind of spam. Someone making a point over and over is also spamming you. Filling up your Replies tab with stuff that's either repetitive and sometimes even personal and offensive. (Those are easier to block right-off.)#

If you get an unsub -- it's also saying the very next thing to happen if you don't stop is you get blocked. #

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