Scripting News: Heartbleed is serious.#

Scripting News: Ideas for Google Glass. #

Scripting News: What's the cost of failure?#

Today's background image -- 59th St from inside Central Park.#

I have a suggestion for new news hubs on how to increase your flow, and overcome at least some of the barriers to entry erected by your more-established competitors.#

1. Identify people on the web who are influential linkers. #

2. For each, recommend a set of feeds they should follow.#

3. Make the approach carefully, as you would with a PR campaign. #

The reason is one that's often overlooked. While RSS isn't "mainstream," the people who push links through the main stream do use RSS to keep up to date. I am one of them. I have feeds for all your competitors. It's good for you if I add your feeds to my flow. I can't link to your great stuff if I don't know about it. #

I know this is selfish. I want you to do my work for me. But they're your links, your stories, and you have a hill to climb, and I'm happy to help if you meet me half-way. #



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