284 retweets. That's some kind of record (for me at least).#

The NSA has exploited Heartbleed bug for years, Bloomberg reports.#

Pando: Truth lets teens send anonymous SMS to each other.#

Drew Houston on Rice's appointment to the Dropbox board.#

Pando: Why Dropbox won’t drop Condoleezza Rice from its board.#

Joe Moreno: $5,000 Security Breach.#

Can you believe it's already April 11? Tax day is next week. A couple of weeks later I have a birthday. Not a big one, but getting close. But I'm still here. Knock wood. Praise Murphy. #

First ride of the year!#

It would be so easy to pop open a window, let you write a few paragraphs, and then post a link to your tweet stream. With the new profile layout, they could even provide a list of your most recent posts. I've been wondering about this for a while. Esp now that people are basically writing blog posts in their tweet stream (e.g. Marc Andreessen, but there are others). #

It's hard to imagine something worse happening. #

And I think we're late responding to it. If this were a single system so compromised, the right technique would be to go offline and not come back until all connection points were patched or verified to not need patching. #

It's risky that we all keep using the net.#

My longtime friend Jodi Mardesich has a new job reporting for ReadWrite. #

Years ago, I used to work with a lot of reporters, largely on background, because I enjoyed being part of the news process. When I worked with Jodi, she was at the SJ Merc. Early days of the web. I had some excellent sources, and I gave her one really great story. #

My source was Woz. Apple was getting ready to fire their CEO, and replace him with Steve Jobs. Woz wanted me to get the story out leak the story. I chose Jodi as the conduit because I knew she'd tell the story well, and could be trusted to protect her sources. We've been friends a long time. Happy to welcome her back.#

I also played a small role in getting ReadWrite started. When Richard MacManus started the site, it was a Radio blog, among the first. I always feel pride at having helped them when they were getting started. #

Since I am a regular in Central Park, I see a skyline that many people don't, the one at the southern end of the park. #

It's interesting because it's rapidly developing. #

I wrote a blog post after a snowstorm in January that showed the shadow effect of the first new building to pop up.#

You can see the next huge building to go up, popping up over the GM building. It's at Park Ave and 56th St. It's going to be the tallest residential building in North America at almost 1400 feet. Super-luxury apartments. Check out the site, esp the page where you can sample the view from various levels. The one from 1271 feet is absolutely stunning.#

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