Today's ride: 45 minutes, 6.79 miles. #

This week's Cosmos explained how plants produce clean energy. #

Today's background image is Gloria Foster as the Oracle in The Matrix.#

Gizmodo: A Pyramid Built To Track the End of the World.#

From now on when anything weird or dangerous happens you'll wonder if you're experiencing a Heartbleed hack.#

2001 Internet World interview re SOAP and XML-RPC.#

Gothamist: Prospect Park Bike Lane Doesn't Impede Traffic.#

Lifehacker: Stop Telling Yourself You're Too Busy.#

Talk and listen instead of arguing. #

Great piece and here's a wonderful insight: "There is no greater mistake than the hasty conclusion that opinions are worthless because they are badly argued." Even people who communicate well, fall apart when they're scared. So when it gets intense, you have to try to listen even better than you normally would. Which is tough, because you're scared too (when arguing).#

On Twitter, Rob Tweed mentions an interview I did with InternetWorld in 2001 about SOAP and XML-RPC.#

It's interesting timing because I'm working on a project that uses XML-RPC in node.js. So I'm actively coding in the framework we designed in 1998, and also get to read about what I was thinking at the time. It's preserved on Haven't worked at this level in a decade or more. #

What's really cool is to see the support was already there in node.js, and it works really well. That's excellent. People working together over large blocks of time. Probably not because it's good or idealistic, rather because it's useful and fits into what we're doing. #

It totally validates what I was saying in the interview. #

A picture of a slice of cheese cake.#

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