Scripting News: The press isn't getting Heartbleed.#

NYT interview with Mark Zuckerberg. #

Media are the things in the middle.#

Meet the guy who added $2 billion to Twitter's valuation yesterday. #

Seagate’s LaCie Admits to Yearlong Breach of Customer Card Data.#

The thing that impresses me most about Secret is the authoring experience. What Medium pioneered, they've taken to the next level.#

Today's background image is a Banksy.#

Given the amount of investment money flowing to companies like Dropbox, you could start a company with the goal of hiring enough engineers to create a target to be bought by one of them. Programmers, it seems, are the tulips of this bubble. Create a cushy environment, and make one of the benefits a payout when the company is bought. Obviously you want to hire programmers who are good at taking the tests the big companies have for new hires. And it pays to develop their skills using the technology of the company that you want to be bought by.#

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