Scripting News: WordPress to OPML, working!#

Scripting News: How the cloud should work.#

Fargo 1.54. There's one new feature in this release, the ability to download an entire WordPress site into a Fargo outline.#

Wired: New Exoplanet Could Be Earth’s Cousin.#

Appeals court says blogs are not only media, they’re an important source of news and commentary.#

Today's background image is a view from Broadway LIRR station in Flushing.#

Oy. The Nets are in the playoffs. Everyone who cares about basketball in NYC knows it. And we're all Knicks fans. I have never met a Nets fan. That said, I'm sure most NY basketball fans were planning on rooting for the Nets, as the hometown team that made the playoffs this year. Then they ran this ad:#

A picture named dumbDumbDumb.gif#

Now really, guys, let's not overplay it. There are lots of tickets available for the Nets playoff games. I go to Nets games when the Knicks are out of town. I was thinking of possibly maybe going to a Nets playoff game. But if they think they're going to score points with Knicks fans by trashing them. Well they don't understand their home market.#

A much better approach. "We know you don't care about us. But we're going to play our hearts out in the post-season, knowing full well you'd much rather be watching the Knicks. We hope to win you over. Not this year, not next, but maybe in a few years, we'll have earned your loyalty. A little of it. In the meantime we know we're barely on the radar. We had a good year. We have a long way to go and we know it. Love, The Nets."#

Now if by some miracle they were to actually win something in the post-season, then a little gloating might be in order. A little. Not too much. Keep it polite. #

Van Gundy: Nets sandbagged to avoid drawing Bulls.#

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