Scripting News: WordPress-to-OPML source.#

Tom Negrino reviews OmniOutliner 4 Pro for MacWorld.#

Neil Tyson on the barriers he faced as a young black kid on his way to becoming an astrophysicist#

A music-less version of the video for Pharrell Williams’ hit song Happy.#

Phil Jackson praises Mike Woodson.#

Inc: The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship.#

Montana GOP candidate shoots at government drone in ad.#

Walmart destroying MoneyGram and Western Union with new money transfer service.#

Guardian: The Truman Show, the 1998 film about a man who unwittingly has his entire life filmed for a TV show, could itself become a TV series.#

NYU Local: Meta television gives writers, producers and showrunners something completely new to work with.#

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