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I love Node.js, but it's a lot of work to put together a script to run as a service in Node. I kept wondering if it could be made easier. I found a little time in early April to give it a try, and it worked really well. Today I released the result as Fargo Publisher 0.95.#

Basically, there's a new scripts sub-folder of the data folder, which is part of the Amazon S3 hierarchy that Publisher runs from. Any file in that folder that ends with ".js" can be called through the server app. If the script is in count.js and the server is running at, you'd access it through this URL: You can try it, click the link. Reload the page. Every time you load it, the count should increment.#

A picture named script.gif#

globals is a global object that you can hang persistent values on. They persist for the life of the server, when it's rebooted it's reset. You can think of it as a scratchpad. #

This is a very simple system. That's about all there is to it. #

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