Today's ride -- 7.08 miles, approx 50 minutes. Something went wrong with the software and it thinks I was stopped for 17 minutes (not so). #

Today's background image is a runner on the West Side of Manhattan.#

NYT: Despite Twitter Backlash, NYPD Plans to Expand Social Media Efforts.#

Maybe it'll work, but NY cops deserve the reputation they have for being touchy, irritable, mean, and better to stay away from if at all possible. #

It might work because it's setting the expectation from the top that they care about what the people of NYC think of them. I grew up here, and haven't seen much change in this area. Cops are hard people. Maybe they have to be. Or maybe there's a way this will work. Worth a try. #

The NBA says they stand for something, but that's marketing. They really stand for ROI for owners, advertisers, players. Whatever they do with the racism of one or more owners (at least some of the owners must have known about Sterling), they won't take any serious chances with the money. #

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