Scripting News: Why outliners?#

Today's background image is Rex Hammock's early morning Nashville pic, which he posted on Facebook, and I'm using with permission. #

NYT: An Early Skyscraper Becomes a Hotel With a View.#

New Yorker: Witnesses to Oklahoma's Botched Execution.#

Things are changing in the United States now, and we're leading the world in some ways, with gay marriage and legal marijuana. But one direction the world is trying to lead us is away from capital punishment. Drug companies, not wanting to be associated with the killing, for good business reasons, won't supply the states. So they are killing in ever-more-desperate ways. The stories coming from last night's botched execution in Oklahoma are tragic. #

It would be good to move beyond symbolic organizing, to political acts with real consequences. Like eliminating capital punishment in the United States. #

The world is sending us a clear message. It's time to stop this practice.#

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