NakedJen: This and That.#

Fred Wilson: The Valuation Trap.#

Climber Noguchi to give 10 million yen to families of Sherpa guides.#

New Twitter feature. When someone favorites or RTs an item of yours a message pops up in the lower right corner of the screen.#

This is what a software corner-turn looks like. Titled and title-less items in a feed, being handled properly by a reader. #

An example of a reader that does it wrong. Why does the user have to know about an "Unknown Title." It's not there. It's not a big deal. If you think of it as a failure (it's not) then fail softly, quietly. But it's not a bug. The RSS 2.0 format allows this, because it's a good practice. Some posts don't have titles. So if an item doesn't have a title that doesn't make it "unknown" -- it's just not there. The bug is in the reader. It's time to fix this bug. #

Today's background image is Beno Udrih, formerly and briefly of the NY Knicks, who played very well for the Memphis Grizzlies in the playoffs.#

I love the freedom of being whoever I want and to be someone new every day. That is very cool, and Secret makes it easy. (It's always been possible, there are lots of fake people on Twitter, but mostly they're just rude and trying to be funny and failing.)#

I also love the format. A box with some words in the middle and a picture background. I did a secret yesterday without any need for secrecy that I think is both funny and ironic and slightly disrespectful. It was about Martha Stewart and a really long hot dog. And the look on her face. And the sheer size of the thing! #

Scoble says he has no use for it. It's not useful. It's expressive. It's a medium for art and less-than-140-character snark. #

Last night's basketball: The favorites all won. Sad and borrrring!#

I was really happy Beno Udrih played so well for Memphis in the playoffs. He was one of two players the Knicks let go, but this more or less proves (at least to me) that it was a failure of management. The Knicks had no leadership this year, where last year they benefitted from lots of it. Someone should give Metta World Peace another try too. Maybe on the new Knicks. #

Today's Scripting News has a mix of titled and title-less items. The format is nicely modular for me, it's more fluid, more fun -- more like a world with no 140-character limits. That is, a world before Twitter. I used to play in this world, and now I remember why I love it so much. Just one more thing -- I need to get Disqus working better in here. Right now there's a place to comment for each day. Choose Open Comments Window in the Links menu at the top of each page. #

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