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Al Jazeera: Emails reveal close Google relationship with NSA.#

It's time for a new acronym: CTFL, derived from RTFM. So many times people make ignorant comments forgetting there's a fucking 140-char limit on Twitter. The link is there for a reason. If you're puzzled by what the message says, Click The Fucking Link. Thank you. #

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NYU Local: NYU Prof Says NYU Local Makes Students Look Bad.#

I posted a comment in support of the publication, reposted below...#

As a former Visiting Scholar at the Arthur Carter Journalism Institute at NYU, I love NYU Local. My area of study was and is blogging. We were looking for examples of sites that cover the local community. This site and EV Grieve stood out as the best, in my opinion.#

College is supposed to be fun, not so serious. I love the spirit of NYU Local. I became friends with the founders when I was in residence, and we’re still friends today.#

Keep up the good work, and know that it is appreciated!#

I love the feeling of the blog posts at the Old Reader website.#

These guys love RSS, and their ego is involved, and that's a good thing. I wish all vendors of RSS-related products had this feeling. But most of them are either quiet, or feel they are the New Google Reader, that is, the 800-pound gorilla that dominates the market. Or at least they respond that way when asked to work with others.#

RSS has a new mission, to not only be a "feed reader" but to be the backbone of the news system of the future. Twitter took on that role for a number of years, and hasn't done much with it. There was nothing RSS could do as long as Google dominated. But that era is over, has been for almost a year. #

I took a first tentative step toward moving RSS into that future when I switched over the format of Scripting News feed from titled-only posts, to a mixture of titled and title-less posts.#

Now we have a way of modeling the essay-style site that Google Reader insisted on (and is implemented by WordPress and Tumblr and others), and the linkblog format that Twitter has popularized (which is a descendant of the original blog format, and del.icio.us, and other link management sites), and the hybrid feed that has both, like the new Scripting News feed.#

If you're a developer of feed-reading tools, start to think about what you can do with the new linkblog format. If you want some ideas, have a look at my rivers, they're in the Rivers menu at the top of every page on my blog. Then have a look at Twitter. And then get creative! #

RSS is the future, but if it's to work, we have to all think of ourselves as co-developers of the platform. No one dominates, everyone listens.#

If you see your name on my blog, you'll know I'm listening. But first you have to say something. #

I'm trying to think but nothing happens!#

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