Fargo docs: Setting up a Fargo noteblog.#

Glass is edited, and presented, as a Fargo outline. #

Poynter: Quartz launches Glass, a “notebook”-style vertical.#

NPR: Glass, A New Digital Site, To Obsess On TV And Video.#

Today's ride: 37 minutes, 6.22 miles.#

Ars: YouTube shuts down public RSS feeds of user subscriptions.#

BTW, Quartz is running their own Fargo Publisher installation.#

When an idea is right it snaps into your mind like it always was there.#

All this attention is just wonderful. Thanks Quartz and NPR! #

If you want to read about Fargo, have a look here.#

Here's a tutorial that shows how the outliner works.#

It requires Dropbox. That's where your outlines are stored. #

And if you want to use it, it's free -- and you can set up a blog just like Zach did.#

A picture of a slice of cheese cake.#

Zach has a piece on Glass about last night's episode, and how commentary on the web is contorted to try to accommodate viewers of the show and not readers of the book. #

Me, I started by watching the show, watched them again, then read the books.#

What follows is brief but written for readers of the books. Don't expand if you don't like spoilers. #


They screwed the whole fucking thing up.#

I could feel it coming. And the last thing Tyrion says says they don't have the guts to go through with the single most exciting moment in the whole frickin story.#

As I'm watching people trying to figure out what's coming next, I've had a secret smile, shared by all book readers. Oh if they only knew. But they're chickening out.#

If you've read the books, you know what I'm talking about.#

It's so subtle you might miss it, if you weren't a regular reader of Scripting News (this blog).#

When you expand an item, you'll see the usual array of link-propagation tools. #

But there's an odd one at the end of the list. A pound sign, or hash mark, it has a number of names. It's a permalink to the item you're reading. When you want to point someone to an individual bit on the site, click the link, copy it from the browser's address bar, and send it.#

Maybe it's not the most exciting feature. That's probably the ability to nest ideas under ideas infinitely. Perfect for those tiny little hand-held devices. #

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