NYMag: Why Sulzberger Fired Abramson. #

NYT Innovation Report 2014. This is a link to the report itself, not the BuzzFeed analysis of the report.#

Today's background image is Dustin Hoffman as Tootsie.#

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They are an organization in disarray and what they're doing doesn't work long-term, and they've known this most of their careers, and that makes it tough for people to get along, because everyone has different ideas about what should be done about it. Also different ideas about what's sacred and not. An organization like Y sanctity matters more than in many other organizations. #

It's the same reason most organizations and families are dysfunctional. We're all playing a losing game. None of us knows what it means, or what the rules are. Or even the goal! So we're perpetually confused. All of us, all the time. For brief periods we can put our heads down and focus on something small that makes sense, so we play with that until something comes along that wakes us up and we have to deal with the confusion. #

There's no reason anything happens, and no point discussing why. Or for that matter whether "it's a bubble" or not. It's all a bubble, the whole thing. So nothing is not a bubble. #

Washington Post has a great piece about why why Steve Kerr made the smart move. Here's why. You're a rookie coach, and you get a chance to coach a young highly talented wonderful team like the Warriors, or -- you get to step into a huge stinking pile of shit with a guy presiding over it who doesn't even know it's a stinking pile of shit (Dolan, not Jackson), and it's a no-brainer.#

Dolan is every bit the idiot that Donald Sterling is, he just doesn't happen to be a racist idiot. Beginning to wonder if the problem is unsolvable as long as Dolan owns the Knicks. #

I have a friend in Calif who thinks Mark Jackson would make the perfect coach for the Knicks. Maybe so. He has franchise memory. Pride in the blue and orange. But is Mark Jackson a Triangle Offense guy? Maybe Coach (Phil) Jackson will have to coach after all? #

March 2006: "I'm so tired of people talking about how their mother wouldn't understand something. I've been hearing this for 20 years, and it's sexist and ageist, and wrong and unfair, and how about let's get rid of this offensive idea. I'd never say that about my mother, who has a PhD, and is pretty smart. I certainly wouldn't want to encourage her helplessness! At one point I leaned over to Tara Hunt and expressed this sentiment. Then I realized that she's a mom, and said so. I wonder how many mothers were in the room and how they feel about always being held up as the paragon of cluelessness."#

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