Essay: Middle-of-the-night thoughts on news.#

The companies spending the most money to kill net neutrality.#

NYT: A History of New York Traffic Lights.#

Snapshot of my Twitter desktop taken at a random time.#

Proposition: The New York Times home page needs a re-think.#

Here's an OPML file with all the NYT feeds I could find, in Oct 2012.#

Your task: Build a website using the flow of these feeds. A new way to sample the flow of news from the NYT.#

Here's what I'm using now, designed years ago. Surely you can do better!#

Share a pointer to your work with this hashtag: #nytfeedfun.#

There's a lot of data flowing through there. #

A picture of a slice of cheese cake.#

PS: Deadline? We're having an RSS meetup in NYC in mid-June.#

If you put a bit of text in [square brackets] it should be hotted-up with the link following the text. For example: #

I thought this [cartoon] would be of interest.

Would be rendered as:#

I thought this cartoon would be of interest.#

URLs are ugly. Let's put them back where they belong, in anchor tags.#

BTW, this feature is already in my Fargo-based noteblogging software. #

I offer it in the spirit of only steal from the best.#

This morning I dumped my brain into Twitter, and now here.#

Why doesn't the NYT doesn't put a river on their home page, now. That's the first lesson of Twitter#

If you have friends or family who are NBA abusers, as I am, be kind for the next couple of days, while we go without our nightly torture.#

A challenge to NYT people. Read your own news flow through my river for a few days. It'll give you ideas.#

BTW, one thing missing in the NYT corporate memory is their pivotal role in bootstrapping RSS. They can and should do more stuff like that.#

The same thing happened at Harvard with podcasting. They forgot they played a central role. Eventually, reluctantly took credit for it.#

Clearly their appraisal of their digital future should have been on their "front page," not leaked. They should be covering online like this.#

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