Podcast about front pages.#

This is where the newsroom is headed, imho: Hypercamp. #

Doc Searls: Let’s pull news out of its hole.#

Today's background image is the front page of the NY Times on July 21, 1969. Newspaper front pages were wonderful, almost poetic documents.#

The owner of a French newspaper wants to turn it into a media hub, with TV station, start-up incubator, cultural center and cafe. The reporters are unhappy! But it's a great idea. Bring the people into the newsroom. Break down the walls. It's painful to learn you're no longer elite. But that's reality with news reporting in 2014. The NY Times report is skeptical. But look who's writing it. #

I'm tired of reading big corporation and little guy stories.#

How are we going to get stories where regular people can have good ideas, and communicate them to other people. Forget about the big corporations. They have plenty of ways to get the same story out through cloistered newsrooms. I'll hear about what they do, not worried about that.#

So if the newsrooms are more like a coffee shop (move them out of office buildings and down to street level), you might get some more interesting real stories that make sense to real people. #

Whatever. That is if you're into the whole relevance thing. #

Also, this is how we get from the current library-like newsroom to what I think of as the ideal, hypercamp. Or as close to ideal as I can imagine until the real thing boots up.#

You can turn off background images on Scripting News.#

1. Choose Turn off images from the Links menu.#

2. Click OK to the confirmation prompt.#

It will remember your setting so next time you come to Scripting News, the images will be off.#

If you want to turn them back on, there's a command for that, also in the Links menu.#

All around us these days a new kind of blogging is booting up, created by Twitter's 140-character limit. If you have something to say and it doesn't fit, put it in a GIF and link to that from the tweet. Twitter will show everyone the image, without them having to go anywhere.#

Obviously, it's way past time to come up with a way of doing that for text with minimal styling. #

Come on, let's do this. #

PS: A future James Burke is going to have a great time with this. #

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