Fargo blog: Fargo 1.59.#

March: The "noteblog" format.#

Updated the Fargo templates repo with the new stream template.#

Metropolitan Museum of Art releases 400K images into the public domain.#

PBS: What Newsroom Spaces Tell Us About the Future of Digital Journalism.#

It can be rough road for readers on the Scripting frontier. We're still diggin, but sometimes there's a good idea among the not-great ones. And sometimes a good idea is rough in its first incarnation. So you hack away at the edges. Flip a default. Add a version number, try not to break too much. #

Actually my rule is "no breakage," but that's an ideal, a goal, something to aspire to. The one rule we always live up to is this: We make shitty software! And so do you. #

Anyway, there's a new version of this site here now. It's quieter and easier to read. And I think will help set the bar for the new noteblogging sites that are starting to pop up. And it'll be easier to make one with Fargo. #

There are all sizes of "content," and we need tools that allow things to start small and grow, yet still remain approachable. That's the challenge of having both news and explainers. To have the story make sense to a newcomer, yet still provide the detail that someone who's seriously interested needs. That's why outlining works so well, and why it will be integrated into all forms of online communication. It also works incredibly well in a mobile context. #

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