Doc Searls: Digging a new River for the NY Times. #

Today's background image is from Sunday's Mad Men.#

EFF re court ruling: "It is unfair to sue thousands of people at once, in a court far from home, based on an allegation that they joined a BitTorrent swarm."#

Hot Tub Cinema in Williamsburg.#

It's lunacy to build a new city for each Olympics.#

It's also totally not in tune with the times. With climate change, we should be trying to conserve resources not be profligate with them. #

The right way to approach this is to have two permanent installations, like the United Nations, and rather than build a new venue each time, just re-use the one we have. #

It would set a good tone for where we, as a species, are going.#

PS: Because of climate change, it might be hard to find a permanent place to have the winter Olympics.#

NYT: Robert Morse on His Big 'Mad Men' Number.#

A picture named bertCooperExit.jpg#

Too bad that wasn't the last scene in the last episode of Mad Men.#

Even so.. What a delight! #

Sometimes in movies or TV shows, the music or the actors' reactions make claims that the story can't support. A dramatic build for something boring or stupid. At the end of this wonderful scene, Don has to sit down, he's so in awe. And so are we. The music resumes, the credits roll. Wow. #

It's one way to end something wonderful. A wonderful way to do so.#

This Washington Post piece explains that the Supreme Court said Florida couldn't execute a retarded inmate, but they don't say why. #

I'm opposed to the death penalty, unequivocally. #

But I don't get why the special treatment just because someone is intellectually limited? Is it because it's not possible for them to participate in their own defense, making it more likely that we'll kill an innocent person? #

That is, by the way, why I am opposed to the death penalty. Even one innocent person executed by the state is so reprehensible as to make the penalty impossible to implement, aside from the lunacy of the whole act.#

I saw this picture on Facebook. #

Had to keep a copy here, for future reference. #

A picture named sheep.jpg#

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