Zach Seward talking about Glass. #

Today's background image was taken on Pier 45, looking to New Jersey.#

The Flatiron School is a 12 week intensive program designed to turn you into a web developer.#

Reuters: Twitter to take India election innovations global.#

This American Life, a great podcast and NPR show, distributes itself. #

I've been watching the NBA semi-finals, mostly out of a sense of duty, not with much interest in the outcome, other than I'd like to see Miami lose in the finals to San Antonio. #

Or Oklahoma, if they can consistently play like the did last night. The important thing is a Miami defeat so the league can reconfigure itself around some story other than whether LeBron can three-peat or four-peat or whatever. That's too boring!#

Meanwhile a news event happened in Santa Barbara, certain catnip for Fox, CNN and MSNBC, I'm sure they're "covering" it 24-by-7. But no matter, I don't watch that stuff anymore. I managed to cut off the whole time-waste, to find it completely re-assembled on Twitter, only worse. Regular people become spokesmodels only they're even more boring and offensive than the professional idiots on TV. #

I need to find a new place for my mind to idle while watching basketball. Twitter is becoming too much like the stuff I successfully ran away from.#

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