Steve Ballmer is today's background image.#

ESPN: Seattle bid for NBA team dealt blow.#

Dragon V2: The SpaceX next generation space capsule.#

NPR: Arthur Chu On Nerds, Entitlement And Elliot Rodger.#

NYT: Phil Jackson Gives Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony a Plan C.#

He'd have to be crazy. Next year is an incredible buyer's market for free agents, this year, not so much. Melo could easily be the biggest star out there this year. If I were him, I'd go to Houston and team up with two other players that perfectly complement him. Maybe the Knicks could get something out of it. But this is his year to move, and the Knicks are going to suck next year too, no matter what Coach Jackson does. #

It's a bad season for Melo to be sitting around idle, waiting for the Knicks plan to materialize and hoping that Dolan doesn't interfere. This is time he has to be getting his groove together with the guys he's going to win a championship with, two or three years from now. The best bet for him is to team up with James Harden and Dwight Howard.#

Rex, this is exactly the kind of thing I want to work on -- making it so that you can easily publish in one place and have each place grab its own copy of what you've created and make it work, without lots of replication. What I'm writing here should be accessible to my blog readers. And everything I write on my blog should be available to people who follow me on Facebook. Without me, as a writer, having to do anything. #

This appeared on Facebook, and here, thru the magic of copy/paste.#

I love Emoji characters.#

Just learned about them a couple of months ago.#

Support for them on the web seems spotty. And I'm not sure how to reference them when writing posts in Fargo. #

It would be cool if there were a text language for calling up an Emoji.#

Something like [friendly turd]. Or [snowboarder]. Or [crying smiley].#

Analogous to named web colors like lemonchiffon, gainsboro, cyan. #

Is there a text language for Emoji?#

Bing! Emoji cheat-sheet. Widely supported by CMSes. Perfect!!#

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