TechCrunch: Now Anyone Can Tweet Up A Storm With Dave Winer’s ‘Little Pork Chop’.#

Little Pork Chop v0.45. Important especially for people who post to a private Twitter feed.#

Screen shot of Little Pork Chop v0.45.#

Feature request: Would be great if Twitter supported Emoji cheat sheet syntax. It would make emoji work via the Twitter API.#

Today's background image is the Domino Sugar Refinery in Brooklyn#

Today's ride. I haven't been posting my daily rides because basically they've all been the same. Until yesterday when I did a loop around the park, with its hills. And today, when I was going out, I did it again. I need to re-condition every year it seems, and each year it takes longer to get back to where I was. This is known as "aging."#

I've been hearing about people coming back from WWDC as if it were a Summer of Love kind of thing. I can't imagine what Apple said or did that they love so much. Brent says he's going to spend the rest of his career working in their new programming language. Could it really be that good?#

I have so much trouble believing a platform vendor, no matter how well-intentioned, could really be good for developers. There's always going to be a built-in conflict between what independent developers do and how that influences and/or interferes with what the in-house employee developers do. #

Maybe I'm jaded. But I remember very well sitting in the audience at WWDC, countless times, hearing the person on stage completely rip up my development work and throw it away. I could never see myself going back. While Brent is snuggling up with Apple and a delicious warm cup of cocoa, I enjoy a campfire on the open range, hunting rabbits for dinner. #

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